Bear Grylls Survival Race

Bear Grylls is giving you the chance to prove that you have the same survivor instincts that he does by participating in a 10k survival race that he personally designed with his team.

This unique event is designed to test and develop your tenacity and adventurous spirit. It is a tough race requiring both physicality and courage. Bear and his team have ensured there is a minimum of 35+ obstacles to challenge racers along the course which will include a series of mud runs, obstacle races and survival challenges.

For more info see Bear Grylls Survival Race website.

The Bear Grylls Race for Rhino Survival Heat

Bear is passionate about saving the world’s rhinos from extinction and dedicates a lot of his time to this cause. To honour his passion for this cause, Bear has dedicated one of the 10k Survival Race heats to raise funds and awareness for the rhinos. This heat is called the “Bear Grylls Race for Rhino Survival” and will have exactly the same rules, regulations and obstacles as all the other 10k heats. There are only 400 tickets available for this exclusive heat, which is open to anyone over the age of 14.

By way of thanking you for choosing to race for the rhino, we have arranged for The Bear Grylls Race for Rhino Survival heat to be one of only three heats which will be started by Bear himself. In addition, the entry to this heat only is free for those who raise a minimum of £150 for the plight of the rhino. The funds raised will be split between four rhino charities working together to combat the poaching problem;  Tusk, Helping Rhinos, Rooting for Rhino and Wilderness Foundation.

Why Rhinos Need Your Help?  

Rhinos are one of the longest surviving animals on the planet, but unless we act now, they will not survive for much longer.

Rhinos are being poached for their horn which is used in traditional Asian medicine and is mistakenly regarded as a status symbol. Rhino horn is said to be the most expensive ‘commodity’ in the world, selling on the black market at US$65,000 per kilogram.

By signing up for the Bear Grylls Race for Rhino Survival, you will be supporting vital global rhino conservation work, including work in Vietnam which is the largest destination market for rhino horn.

Please visit either of the charities websites to learn more about the rhino poaching crisis.

Registration Process

There are two steps to the registration process.

Step 1: How to receive your free entry

  1. To qualify for the free entry, registration can only be made on the Rhino Alliance website for the Bear Grylls Race For Rhino Survival heat. Register here.
  2. Upon registration, a fundraising page will automatically be created for you on the Rhino Alliance website where supporters must go to make donations.
  3. You will receive an email upon registration containing your unique donation page url.
  4. Send your unique donation page url to supporters for donations.
  5. Once your fundraising page has reached £50, the system will automatically let Rhino Alliance know and you will be sent an exclusive discount code via email. This discount code allows you to gain free entry to the Bear Grylls Survival Race.

Step 2: Complete Registration

  1. Register for the 10k Survival Race (Saturday 3rd October 2015) on the Bear Grylls Survival Race website.
  2. Choose “Bear Grylls Race For Rhino Survival” when you are asked which charity you are participating for
  3. Add your unique discount code during the registration process
  4. This discount code will waive the registration fee and allow you to register in full
  5. Continue fundraising until at least £150 has been raised

Please note:

  • Participants can only receive a discount code if fundraising is done on the Rhino Alliance website.
  • There are only 400 places available in the Bear Grylls Race for Rhino Survival heat for which each place has a unique discount code. Discount codes are allocated to those  who raise £50 on their fundraising page first.
  • Those who raise less than £50 and are not eligible for a discount code, may not participate in the race and the funds which have been raised will be considered a donation to the plight of the rhino.
  • Entry to the Bear Grylls Race for Rhino Survival heat closes on Friday 31st July 2015.

Raising Funds

Participants of the Bear Grylls Race for Rhino Survival can gain free entry to this exclusive heat of the Bear Grylls Survival Race. The only criteria to qualify for the free entry is to raise a minimum of £150.

There are many ways in which you can raise your funds, for example:

  • Sponsorship from friends, family, colleagues and employees. Maybe your employee would agree to "match giving" if asked nicely.
  • Hold a fundraising event (e.g. coffee morning or cake sale)
  • Attend a car boot sale
  • Hold a pub quiz at your local pub

Raising Awareness

As race participants make their way to the starting line for each heat, they will enter a demarcated shape of a rhino. Here participants will stand united against poaching in a Human Rhino Formation while an aerial photo is taken by a drone. A Human Rhino Formation is a symbol of strength in numbers and creates awareness about the rhino poaching crisis. Each participant will be able to keep a memorable souvenir of this significant event by downloading the photo of the Human Rhino Formation in which they stood from the Bear Grylls Survival Race website.



Bear Grylls is passionate about saving rhinos and has therefore decided to dedicate an entire heat to four rhino charities to help the plight of the rhinos. The four charities are Tusk, Helping Rhinos, Rooting for Rhino and Wilderness Foundation who will be working in conjunction with Rhino Alliance. Funds raised for the Bear Grylls Race for Rhino Survival heat will go to specifically chosen rhino projects.

Tusk was established 25 years ago in response to the poaching crisis in Africa. Tusk initiate and fund 50 field projects in 18 African countries that protect wildlife, support communities and promote education, thereby combining the interests of wildlife and people while preserving Africa’s natural heritage.

Registered UK Charity Number: 803118

Helping Rhinos was set up following the escalation of rhino poaching, including the rhino poaching incidents that occurred at Kariega Game Reserve in 2012. They help to create awareness of the issues threatening the global rhino population and raise funds for various projects to help protect rhinos.

Registered UK Charity Number: 1155309

Rooting for Rhino was established in 2012 in response to the rhino poaching incidents in Kariega Game Reserve and Dr. William Fowlds’s global call to help rhino. They create global awareness, fundraise for rhino projects, and facilitate groups and schools to stand united against rhino poaching in Human Rhino Formations.

In partnership with Ubunye-Unity-Trust Charity Number: XT33757

Wilderness Foundation was started in 1972. Wilderness Foundation focuses on conservation, social intervention, experiential education, and advocacy and awareness, thereby protecting and sustaining African wildernesses, helping communities, and stimulating an environmental ethos among current and future leaders.


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