Rhino Alliance is NOT another rhino charity that has popped up out of nowhere! As our name suggests, we are an alliance of NGO's from around the world joining together under our own identities to enable us to work together and support each other where possible and where it makes sense to do so.

Our mission is to ensure our member NGO's feel enabled to maximise their resources by working together, either directly with each other, or by supporting each other's initiatives.

Rhino Alliance members commit to sharing best practices and sharing resources where and when it is appropriate to do so.

While our work is focussed on the rhino, our members do not need to only work on rhino projects. Many of our members will work not only to save the rhino from extinction, but also on projects that will help other endangered species, for example the pangolin, elephant, lion and many others which all face challenges to their future survival.

Simon Jones, Founder and Chairman of Helping Rhinos and the person responsible for bringing the members of Rhino Alliance together, commented:

"I am delighted to have got Rhino Alliance off the ground and am really looking forward to working more closely with the other members of the Alliance.  I believe it is imperative that the many different organisations out there work together wherever it makes sense to do so. More than that, I think we have an obligation to both the rhinos and to the people who donate money to help protect the rhinos, to ensure we use those funds in the most effective way possible and to maximise our chances of achieving tangible results in our goal to reduce the level of rhino poaching"

Rhino Alliance is not a fundraising organisation, and should you wish to make a donation to help support rhino conservation, we would ask that you make this directly to one of our members.  Links to all of the Rhino Alliance members can be found on our home page.

Rhino Alliance is a joint intitative which is overseen and administered by the UK registered charity Helping Rhinos.